1. Important Legal Notice

    This is NOT an official website of the Pulaski County Special School District. The viewpoints expressed here are not, in any way, intended to represent the views of the PCSSD, nor any other school district.   


  2. The three years of state-takeover in the PCSSD have not helped our students, nor our schools. Programs are being cut. Classes are overcrowded. We still have out-of-control, top-heavy administrative costs in our district. The claim that the PCSSD is in “fiscal distress” is absurd, but that claim is exactly what they are using to “justify” ongoing state control.

    If our alleged “fiscal distress” is so bad that state takeover is really needed, then why is our state-appointed superintendent, Dr. Jerry Guess, being paid more than previous PCSSD superintendents? His annual salary, $215,000, is higher than that of anyone in the U.S. Senate. It’s higher than the salary of anyone in the Cabinet of the President of the United States. What’s more, his $215,000 salary doesn’t include the benefits he receives — include those, and his employment is costing taxpayers well over a QUARTER-MILLION dollars per year!

    What’s more, Dr. Guess is merely one of many PCSSD administrators who collect six-figure salaries — without teaching any students at all. They can ask for millage increases, but until state control ends, and a real school board is elected (one that can “thin out” our top-heavy administration), we, the PCSSD’s voters and taxpayers, can tell them NO — at the ballot box!

    If you agree that no millage increases should be allowed until local control is restored, please post a link to this blog-post on your Facebook, use your Twitter account to spread the word, and use any other means at your disposal to help get this message, and the image above, to as many disenfranchised voters in the PCSSD as possible. Taxation without representation is not the American way, and it is well past time for it to end.


  3. http://impactpcssd.wordpress.com/2014/05/24/millage-election-upcoming-in-the-pcssd/


    The exact date of the upcoming millage-increase election is not yet known (and will be announced here, when it is revealed), but it is known that such an election is being planned. In this election, the voters of the PCSSD will be asked to approve an increase in the taxes they pay to fund their schools.

    There’s a problem with this, though, and it’s a big one: due to the ongoing state takeover of this school district, the PCSSD is still operating without an elected school board — one legally empowered to make and/or change district policy. Because of this unfortunate situation, a classic “taxation without representation” now exists — and a millage increase would make the taxation part of this problem even more of a burden, but without doing anything to correct the serious lack-of-representation part.

    If the “powers that be” actually want this millage to pass, they can increase the odds of that happening by taking one very simple step: restore local control of the PCSSD.

    In other words, the state takeover of our schools should end first. Next, a special school board election should be held. Finally, after this new school board is in place, and voters once again have a voice in how their schools are run, then — and only then — it would be time to approach the PCSSD’s voters, and ask them to approve a millage increase.

    The voters of the PCSSD aren’t stupid. They want local control of their schools back. That’s the American way, and restoration of local control of the schools here is long overdue. To ask them to allow their taxes to be increased, without first restoring local control, would be both insulting to the voters, and an exercise in futility.


  4. http://impactpcssd.wordpress.com/2014/02/01/dont-let-your-bosses-get-you-alone-and-question-you-without-someone-there-to-represent-you-and-be-your-witness/

    “An employee shall be entitled to and shall be offered the opportunity to have a witness or representative of the employee’s choice present during any disciplinary or grievance matter with any administrator.” This is an Arkansas state law (A.C.A. 6-17-210). Any time a PCSSD administrator breaks this law, by denying any PACT or PASS member’s request for representation, it is imperative that union leaders be informed of this illegal act, without delay. (One way to reach them is by calling the PACT/PASS office at (501) 374-4955 during business hours.)

    Non-members should consult an attorney, if this happens to them — but a far better course of action would be to join PACT/PASS first, before this issue arises. Union dues are a lot less expensive, compared to the cost of hiring a lawyer yourself!


  5. http://impactpcssd.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/two-important-developments-an-update/


  6. PPC Election September 25 & 26

    Attention PCSSD teachers: the next PPC election is September 25 & 26, there are five open slots, and, this year, PACT is running a slate of candidates: Pam Fitzgiven, Joyce Bender, Loveida Ingram, Judy Stockrahm, and Robert Austin. Please vote PACT next week, so we can finally get a PPC which REALLY supports teachers!


  7. Just follow the link for the most bloated salaries in the PCSSD….


  8. "Fiscal Distress?" Really?

    The PCSSD’s ending fund balance for the recently-ended fiscal year (2012-2013): $20,288,903.36. (This exact amount was obtained with an FOIA request.)

    Who among us would not like to have that sort of “fiscal distress” in our own bank accounts?

    Remember, it is this ridiculous argument — “fiscal distress” — which they are using to justify continued denial of local control (disenfranchisement of voters) in the Pulaski County Special School District.

    Please write your legislators, the governor, State Commissioner of Education Dr. Tom Kimbrell, and e-mail Dr. Jerry Guess, PCSSD Superintendent (jguess@pcssd.org) to inform them you are not fooled any more, you know there is no “fiscal distress” in the PCSSD, and demand the restoration of local control in our school district. It is time for state control to end — now.


  9. More Information Re: the Right to Represenation

    This material is quoted from law governing PPC matters — Title 6, Subtitle 2, Chapter 17, Subchapter 2. The relevant paragraph is 6-17-210. In its entirety, it reads as follows: “An employee shall be entitled to and shall be offered the opportunity to have a witness or representative of the employee’s choice present during any disciplinary or grievance matter with any administrator” [emphasis added]. No exceptions exist. 

    Further applicable laws include Act 869 of 2003, paragraph 1, and Act 1017 of 2003, paragraph 1.

    If any administrator attempts to deny you your right to representation in a disciplinary or grievance situation, they are breaking the law. Don’t let them get away with it! Don’t back down under pressure. Assert your rights, by saying this:  ”I am invoking my right to representation. I want __________________ present as my chosen representative, and they must be present before we proceed.” If you teach in the PCSSD, be a member of PACT, and insist on representation from your building representative. That’s why we’re here.


  10. On the Right to Representation (for PCSSD teachers)

    It is important for every PACT member to understand the right to representation. This is a Constitutional right, and is NOT affected by the PCSSD’s current non-recognition of the PNA. If a member is called in to see an administrator about anything related to their job performance, or is in any kind of trouble whatsoever, here’s what to do: simply say, “I am exercising my Constitutional right to representation, and insist that _____________ be present for this discussion as my representative.” The blank should be filled in with the name of your PACT Rep. If you ARE the PACT Rep., or don’t know who your Rep. is, fill the blank with the name “Sandi Roy” instead (PACT’s Executive Director). They cannot legally proceed until your chosen representative is present. If they try to anyway, advise them to contact Mr. Paul Brewer in the Central Office. He is a top-tier PCSSD administrator who DOES understand the right to representation, and knows exactly how dangerous it is for administrators to attempt to ignore it.

    Lastly, the key is this: don’t let them intimidate you. Don’t be ruled by fear. Know your rights, assert yourself, and stand up for yourself. And, obviously, if you are NOT a member, fix that quickly by joining PACT. Being a member means never having to fight a battle alone, and that, by itself, is worth the small cost of union dues.